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DFS Associates Tax Efficiency Services Tokyo Japan’s Executive Information: The Overview

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DFS Associates conducts Executive Briefings aimed at presenting a general perspective of the professional M&A procedure and how it can work within the middle market – principally in terms of firms having revenues ranging from $3 million to $500 million.

If you sit down in one of these intensive, day-long briefings, you can get a deeper appreciation of the requirements for a successful sale of a private firm while optimizing its selling price, namely:

  • How to determine the real market value of the property
  • Seeking and pinpointing premium buyers
  • Reasons for global international buyers’ preference for Tokyo, Japan private firms
  • The value of proper timing, and many more

Our briefings are made available to chosen private middle-market firms from sectors with high rates of acquisitions. Less than 3% of Tokyo, Japan firms will qualify to attend these briefings.

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